Wufutang Multifunctional Hall

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                        Wufutang Multifunctional Hall

                        Wufutang Multifunctional Hall is located on the right side of Wufu Building, with a total area of 612 square meters, which can accommodate more than 400 meeting attendees at the same time. With column-free large conference hall, nearly 10 meters high, professional meeting facilities and scattered meeting space, it will make your large-scale meeting dignified . Besides, there is a VIP rest room with 100 square meters, which provides you a considerate meeting services.

                        The equipment of the meeting: tea, paper and pen, flowers, a reception table, a multimedia projector, the recording system for the meeting, a white board, a projection screen, a wireless microphone, a desktop microphone, a laser pointer and stage lamps.

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