Build a Wooden Crown Bed Canopy

Aug 20th
Wonderful Crown Bed Canopy
Wonderful Crown Bed Canopy

Crown bed canopy – If you love the look of a canopy bed but lacks a canopy bed, a bed crown solution. A bed crown resembles a cornice box for a window; just hang a bed crown on the wall, not a window. In a bed-crown arrangement, the fabric is held against the wall. This is unlike a canopy arrangement, which allows the fabric to drape around the bed. Make your own bed crown requires little more than some plywood, paint and fabric. This do-it-yourself project is easy and relatively inexpensive.

Build a wooden crown bed canopy; Draw the shape of the front piece of the crown of half-inch plywood. Select a shape that appeals to you, as a scroll pattern, an actual crown or some other random design. Cut the shape out with a jigsaw. Cut two sides of the crown of the half-inch-thick plywood, using a circular saw. Apply wood glue to the edges of the side piece that attaches to the front. Secure the bow further by attaching L-brackets in the corners where the bow meets the front piece. Paint all sides of the plywood pieces, using spray paint or flat wall paint.

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Build a wooden crown bed canopy, Attach two pieces of fabric to the back of the front and the side piece, by means of a staple gun. Extend the first piece of cloth from the edge of the temple to the middle of the front piece. Extend the second bit from the second side piece to the middle of the front piece. Gather the fabric folds, and stitch as you go. Select any fabric that complements your decor. The length depends on how high you want to keep the crown. Cover the staples with tape. Place a picture hanging hook an inch down from the top edge of a side piece. Drill two one-third-inch hole in the wall where they encounter the hooks you added to the temple.  Hang crown of the screws, with the help of hooks. Set up the bed below, and pull the fabric on either side of it.

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