Homemade King Size Canopy Beds with Netting

Sep 3rd
Unique King Size Canopy Beds
Unique King Size Canopy Beds

King size canopy beds – king size canopy beds lend a romantic feel to almost any bedroom. But when the bed is draped with netting, romance takes on an almost tropical feel. If the lure of building your own poster bed seems irresistible, take heart. The task is not as difficult as it might seem. Pencils, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that not all poster beds are created equal. Most poster beds are designed for use with heavy curtains. If you want to use a lightweight fabric, like mosquito nets, you will want a bed with thinner, more delicate post. These are called pencils and beds built using them, called pencil post beds.

Poster beds will not automatically have a roof of any type. It is common, king size canopy beds to have four high positions, one in each corner, and no canopy at all. The frame that attaches the four positions together and supports drapery material called a tester. For a pencil post bed like the one you want to build, will tester be quite easy, even delicate. Make sure that all the plans you decide to use either contain a tester or accompanying plans to build a tester.

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As the bottom of a pencil post king size canopy beds will be made with the same rugged construction as any other bed, the posts can cause a problem. They need to be slim and even delicate appearance near the top, but the thick and robust near the bottom. There are a few ways to achieve this balance. One common approach is to scale down the posts, either by turning on a lathe to round pencils or by cutting them with a table or band saw to create squared pencils.

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