How to Remove Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Sep 1st
Wonderful Bathroom Recessed Lighting
Wonderful Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Bathroom recessed lighting makes use of space as well. Recessed lighting is built into the ceiling and not on the surface of it, fully exposed. The bulbs in recessed lighting, all lamps do not last forever and will burn out someday. Buy new lights and replace burned-out recessed lights in your bathroom with little effort.

Bathroom recessed lighting, sometimes called can lights, are the ones that sit flush with the roof instead of hanging down into the living space. An optional component of recessed lights is a baffle, which looks like a reflector shield, but has a series of ridges on the inside of it. The ridges deflect the light and thus reducing glare from the bulb. To replace the baffle, you simply remove light trim to access the beam spot. Turn the electricity to recessed lighting in the main breaker box at home. Although you will not access any of the electrical components of the light, you will use metal tools and can get a shock if the power is still on.

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Place the ladder in the inset light and climb up on it so you can easily access the bathroom recessed lighting. Reach into the center of the light and understand light. Turn the bulb counterclockwise until it loosens. Enter the lamp in a safe place. Check the outside edge of the recessed light where it meets the ceiling on a thin, round piece of metal called trim. Insert a slotted screwdriver underneath the trim where it meets the ceiling and pull away. In some recessed lights are the trim is not removable.

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