Making Cuts to Bunk Bed Ladder Hooks

Aug 25th
White Bunk Bed Ladder Hooks
White Bunk Bed Ladder Hooks

To safely install a bunk bed ladder hooks attachment to a litter of wood, cut grooves in frame of the top bunk. These slots must be the same width as the hooks of the ladder that you are installing. The best tool to use for this work is equipped with a reciprocating saw blade wood. With this tool, you will be able to make quick and precise cuts to create the grooves to hold the ladder hooks. Place the ladder hooks to install litter in litter point where you want to stay. With a pencil, draw the lines where the ladder hooks make contact with the frame of the bunk bed. Most ladder hookss have two hooks, so be drawing four lines-a line on each side of each hook.

Place the bunk bed ladder hooks to the side and pull the jigsaw.

Align the blade with the first line and cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch deep. Repeat this for the next 3 lines. The depth of cut should remain constant. Insert the blade of a chisel in one of the cutting lines. Pry the two pieces of wood between the pairs of cutting lines and rerun the sharp part of the knife on rough wooden surface to smooth out. You should now have two 1/2-inch to 1-inch slits cut deep into the frame.

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Insert your bunk bed ladder hooks into slots is cut from the structure of the bunk bed. If the ladder comes with screws for fixing the frame, follow the instructions to secure it to the frame. Otherwise, the ladder hooks will remain in position even without screws because of the slots cut into the frame.

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