Torchiere Mid Century Floor Lamp

Aug 30th
Stylish Mid Century Floor Lamp
Stylish Mid Century Floor Lamp

Mid century floor lamp – A torchiere lamp is a tall, thin floor lamp topped with an inverted shade that directs the light toward the ceiling. There are several types torchiere lamps, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. The word “torchiere” is a variation of the French word torchère, which means a high candlestick. It is also related to the word torche, which is French for flare. Floor lamps are properly pronounced as tour-SHARE or trip-she-AIR.

The electric torchiere mid century floor lamp made his first appearance in the late 1800s when the use of electricity in homes was convenient. Early floor lamp usually had a wooden or metal stand. Often highly decorated with intricate, curved design. The shade was made of frosted, opaque or colored glass to provide protection from direct glare of the bulb. Today, a torchiere mid century floor lamp in good condition generates a lot of interest with antique collectors.

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A torchiere mid century floor lamp may require halogen or fluorescent bulbs, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. The stand will often have a dimmer switch or a switch that controls individual bulbs. Even fluorescent lights flicker when dimmed because of its design, the halogen bulbs dimmed to the desired level. There is some concern about the danger of fire with halogen lamps, however. The inverted shade of a torchiere floor lamp leaves hot bulb exposed so that light should be kept away from flammable materials such as curtains or drapes.

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